For Sale ...... 20 Acres zoned Industrial with Turn Key Business ...... For Sale


               A unique business opportunity;  ''
                   After 47 years in business, dbaer says it is time to pass the torch to another Cadillac enthusiast.

Large unique inventory.

See pictures of real estate below.


What are you buying?

                                Is there room for growth?....... Yes!


                                Why I like this business.


                                Why mail order only?


Prices and terms.

Total Package - $549,000

Includes the following:

20 industrial acres @ $19,000 = $380,000
Parts, on and off cars = $75,000
500 Cadillacs is 1000 Tons @ $150/Ton = $150,000
Timber that could be sold = ?

Inquiries backed with cash only please.  dbaer is not a lending institution.

Enthusiasm is fine but refrain from calling if that requirement can't be met.

Call at 360-785-4133

Thank You




We are located between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

County zoning map showing Rural Area Industrial for entire 46 acres.

The 5 acres with house is a separate legal lot, but still zoned RAI.