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**Don Baer is still taking phone call and email inquiries
as well as shipping lots of nice Cadillac parts!**


dbaer's specializes in original Cadillac parts from 1949 - 1985.   Don Baer thinks of this as his collection and cares for it accordingly.   dbaer's inventory covers 5,000 square feet of warehouse space and up until July 2008, there were more than 1,400 retired Cadillacs on hand.   As parts are required, cars are disassembled as though they were going to be restored.   Models include: Coupe de Ville, Sedan de Ville, Convertibles, Calais, Fleetwood, Eldorado, Seville, and others.

You won't find any bells and whistles at dbaer's web site.   Our web site has been designed to function with ease.   It's about providing you with information...... quickly.   Don Baer thinks a web site should work like thumbing through a catalog.   No waiting for the next page to turn.   We hope you find this site most helpful.   What do you need?

Much of the website was put together 10-15 years ago.   There has been some updating but, like me, keeps getting older & older and less and less attention.   So prices and item availability may differ from the website and be subject to review.

Now 78 years old, I'm trying to be semi-retired, but still have so many nice Cadillac parts.   Since I'm most productive in the afternoons, I try to be on duty Monday - Friday 1:00 to 6:00 PM Pacific time = 4:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern.   But call anytime and leave a message.

Since I no longer have extra help, you will most likely get the answering machine.   Please always start with your phone number and repeat a second time.   This gives me a better chance of getting the phone number correct.   Remember, an old guy is trying to write the number down so don't say it too fast! ....... And briefly state: year, model, and part you're looking for.   Try to keep it brief.

Call 360-785-4133.



Thank you for visiting our website!

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The 1949 to 1958 pages have not had much attention but the parts are most likely available.
1960 and up have more detailed information.

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dbaer has been a collector of car magazines starting back in the early 1950's.  And in recent years has rescued other car magazine collections, which my wife says makes a lot of widows happy.  So we are starting to list car magazines for sale at:


*Construction Started*


dbaer's collection of almost 1,400 Cadillacs, 1949-1985

When scrap metal prices reached a high of $300/ton in 2008, and dbaer was 68 years old,
it was ideal to convert approximately 500 parted-out cars to retirement funds.

Those cars were here 15, 20, 25 years and had contributed their important collector parts.
Over the last few years, more cars were turned into retirement funds,

but there are still 500 carefully selected Cadillacs here.


Pictures of interest around cadillacville

If your part isn't listed yet, please feel free to call us for price and availability.

Phone: (360) 785-4133,  Monday - Friday,  1:00 to 6:00 PM Pacific Time
Which is 4:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern Time

I like doing the Cadillac parts business, but at 78 years old, I am slowing down a bit.
If you have difficulty getting a hold of me, keep trying. Persistence & patience usually pays off.

Giant in Big Sky Country

(actually dbaer taking picture of '64 rear bumper)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box B
Winlock, WA 98596
Fax: No longer available

Please email any questions to my email address:

Keep it short and simple.

The telephone is my best mode of communication because I noticed when I talk on the phone, I get all the spelling and punctuation correct and we have a back and forth conversation.
Feel free to email to above email address.
Sometimes I am a little slow responding but I do the best I can.

One question to avoid asking 'dbaer' is; "How much is the shipping?" We don't overcharge.
The shipping rates are determined by the shipping companies (ie: UPS, Post Office, etc.)
The cost is determined after all the work is done and we then know the dimensions and weight.
We cannot tell how much it will be until we're done with the job. We try to be fair.

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